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Service Level Pledge

Our team is dedicated to ensure the highest level of product delivery and support!

We offer a 90 day guarantee based on the following service level commitment

First Page Search Engine Result Placement (SERP)

• Within 90 days

GoogleAds Live

• Within 5-7 business days from website delivery date

Website Creation

Standard Websites
• 1 page, 2-3 weeks
• 3 pages, 3-4 weeks
• 5 pages, 4-6 weeks
• 7 pages, 6-8 weeks
• 10 pages, 10-12 weeks
• 15 pages, 14-16 weeks
• Custom-Based on pages/fuction

Blog Creation

• Within 15 business days from the time the website is delivered, or within 2 weeks from the date we gain access to the website.
*additional time may be added if client needs to approve content.

Directory Listing Creation and Submission

• Up to 40 directories in 3-5 business days

New Google Listing Creation and Optimization

• Estimated within 30 days, may vary depending on Google requirements

Client Owned Websites

• *Turnaround dates will vary on the date the client as granted us complete access to website editor

Social Account Publishing

• Posting quantity varies depending on plan
• Initial post can take 3-5 business days from when FB page is created or gained access
• If gaining access to an exisiting social page the time frame may vary*

Receive a Return Call from Client Services

• Within 48-72 hours

Existing Google Listing Optimization

• Within 2-3 business days

Website Edit Requests

• Up to 10 business days*
• Extensive edits may take longer


• 1 Week turnaround per video creation.
• *Provided we have content calendar
• *Revising a video will add additional days to publish/post

BrandAdvisor Introduction

• Phone call within the first 24 hours of enrollment
• Intro/Kick Off Email is sent

Press Release

• Within 30 days
• *Additonal time may be added if PR needs approval from client

Logo Creation

• Within 15 business days, up to two revisions
• *Client must send all information prior to 15 days

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