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Review Generation

Review Generation is the process of gathering positive customer reviews for your business. We do this using a state of the art automated process which will gather, filter, and promote reviews across the the most popular local directories including; Google, Yahoo, Yelp (and many more).

Generating all of these testimonials in local directories strengthens your online reputation and will improve your ranking. As reviews are gathered more people will see it, and more will choose your business when looking for the kinds of services that you provide.

70% of consumers trust personal reviews as much as professional reviews

Why It's Important

Nothing beats good word of mouth when it comes to improving the online reputation of your business. Review generation is a tactic that lets you maximize the benefits associated with good reviews while reducing the harm caused by bad ones.

What to Expect:

Like most other forms of online marketing, this is a powerful strategy that takes time to pick up steam. As more and more positive reviews are gathered you will see your business outshine your competition, attracting new customers looking for the services you provide.

Benefits of Review Generation

  • 70% of consumers trust personal reviews as much as professional reviews
  • Your business's reputation will improve
  • The reviews will attract more customers
  • Good reviews can counteract bad ones left by dissatisfied customers
  • 4-5 star businesses are given priority by Google and all search engines.
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