Capri Motel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Google on Google    Dec 2, 2018
***** Title by Marco M

It's like they dropped dropped the North end in the middle of the Pembina strip. I stayed here a week. What a mistake.

The police were in the motel 5 out of the 7 days. Doors kicked in, windows smashed, fighting in the motel, yelling, screaming, somebody asked me to buy crack cocaine and other people accosting you trying to sell or buy drugs etc. Somebody threatened me if i didn't give them a cigarette. And this is all within 15 meters of the door to my room.

It felt really dirty. The locks on the doors barely work. There were stains and remnants of what people wiped on the walls, especially in the bathroom....yuck. Fruit flies and bugs. The walls are very thin. You can't open your window for fresh air. You get the point.

On the room agreement it says they are not responsible if you get killed in their motel. That should say enough.

Google on Google    Nov 4, 2018
***** Title by Crystal Letander

Excellent service, makes you feel at home. We will visit again.