Capri Motel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Yelp on Yelp    Feb 10, 2018
***** Title by Shandy D.

This hotel is so dirty the house keepers are awful especially this one rude disrespectful one thinks she's so much better they try and keep your Damage Deposit Every Time on you they are crocked try everyway room # 37 oven doesn't work you will get a shock if you run the tap as the sametime as using the stove and oven fridge is broke no shelves all broken blood sprayed on bedroom dresser on wall and also walls in bedroom and bathroom roof and walls tub was dirty and hairs in it sink was full of black hairs bathroom heater doesn't work main door handles where falling off broke missing screws and door was missing weather stripping all around beds are very old and dirty tv remote didnt work the whole hotel needs to be updated and put money back in the hotel rooms instead of pocketing all or even better shut down the whole hotel wouldn't recommend this place to anyone

Google on Google    Jan 7, 2018
***** Title by Manita Beauty Products - Philippines

The room was fine and you get what you pay for I guess. The problem was the heat. The room was cold all night. There was the thermostat, but it didn't seemed to be working. So, if the maintenance can check all the rooms before they have them booked for the customers would be appreciated.