Lockmish Locksmith Services
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Weblocal.ca on Weblocal.ca    Jan 8, 2020
***** Automotive Locksmith Winnipeg Title by Chris

I use Lockmish for all my key replacements and duplicates at our mechanic shop. They give good pricing, availability is quick, and are able to do different keys/FOBs, remotes etc. Recommend to all who need key programming, duplications, or uf to replace lost keys. A pleasure to work with

Weblocal.ca on Weblocal.ca    Jan 8, 2020
***** Punctual, Friendly, Honest Staff Title by Michel

What I appreciated about their services is their transparency in costs when asked. I called 2 other locksmiths that told me the same thing "it depends on your situation, we'd have to come see it" and a very low service call fee- lower than minimum wage- which seemed too good to be true. The receptionist at Lockmish told me upfront how much the lock would cost, their service call fee and installation. No extra charges after the work was done. Honesty is very appreciated in our society and economy these days, so thank you!