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Facebook on Facebook    Feb 7, 2018
***** Title by Debbie T. Romero

Totally Loved the Finished work in our Kitchen. Very Professional and True to their time schedule. We are Very Happy with everything completed in Our New Kitchen.
Very Trusting and Caring work crew.
Craig & Debbie Romero ?

YellowPages on YellowPages    Jan 2, 2018
***** Title by Sandi R.

Extremely disappointed in this company! We were looking to remodel our home and when the estimator arrived, it was apparent that he was not at all interested in the job. He was rather unprofessional. Asked if we had a price in mind and once we told him we did not, he rudely stated that he was not interested in working with us. Obviously if you are not someone who is knowledgeable of construction and it's costs, this company will not even give you the time of day. I wonder, being that my husband and myself are business professionals that make easily into a 6 figure income, and are quite knowledgeable of our professions but lack the knowledge of construction costs, why we would even need an estimator to price our remodel? Sure, he seemed shocked that we did not have a price in mind but correct me if I am wrong, don't most people get pricing before beginning a project or do most of this companies customers walk through the door and say, "I want my home remodeled and money is no object, just give me a price and lets get started"??? Thinking Premier Construction has more business than they need and assume someone's financial status as soon as they pull into the drive!