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Boost Your Business in Local Searches with Google Business Profile Optimization

Elevate Your Visibility and Engagement in Local Markets with BrandRep's Expert Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) Services. Transform Your Online Presence Today!

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Here's what happens when you partner with BrandRep

Monthly Views

Businesses typically see a significant rise in their local search rankings, making their brand more visible and accessible to the local audience.

Rise in Customer Engagement
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Our optimization strategies for your Google Business Profile lead to an average increase in customer interactions by over 40%, from reviews to inquiries.

Uplift in Conversion Rates
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By refining your Google Business Profile listing, we aim to attract and convert local searchers effectively, resulting in an average growth in conversion rates of about 30%.

BrandRep’s Approach to Google Business Profile Optimization

BrandRep recognizes the unique needs of each business in the realm of local SEO. Our tailored approach to GBP optimization includes:

Our Credentials

Your Journey with BrandRep’s Google Business Profile Services

Embarking on a journey with BrandRep means engaging in a comprehensive GBP optimization process designed to elevate your local business presence:
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Unlock Your Business’s Potential with Google Business Profile

In conclusion, transforming your Google Business Profile presence becomes a reality when you partner with BrandRep. Our dedicated team is focused on enhancing your local visibility, engaging a broader customer base, and driving conversions by strategically optimizing your GBP profile.

Elevate Your Local Business with BrandRep – Start Optimizing Your Google Business Profile Presence Today!

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business

seo content marketing contractor strategy scaled

SEO and content marketing

Most people don’t find contractors in the Yellow Pages or by word of mouth anymore. They find contractors on a search engine, like Google or Bing. Contractor SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing are essential pieces of the puzzle if you want to rank on the SERPs (search engine results pages) and get found.

professional web development and design for brand confidence

Web development experts

Your website is your first impression–it should help instill confidence in your company and turn leads into loyal customers. Our professional developers will work with you to build a mobile-friendly website that reflects your company’s brand and personality.
engaging social media marketing

Social media marketing

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are some of the most popular online destinations these days. Social media users aren’t just connecting with friends and family — they’re looking for new brands and businesses. Social media marketing allows you to build a presence where your customers are already spending their time online.

online advertising strategy concepts

Online advertising

Contractor leads and customers may be spending their time in many different places online, from Facebook to Google and YouTube. Multi-channel advertising is key to making sure your contracting business is visible wherever your best leads and customers are spending their time online — and to making sure they choose you.

reputation management contractor trust building scaled

Reputation management

It can take a lot of trust to work with a contractor, especially for new leads being introduced to your business for the first time. One of the best ways to build trust and win these new leads is to actively manage your reputation and get reviews. With the right reputation management strategy, you can become the highest-rated contractor in your area.

Let us help you conquer key marketing channels

Google Business Profile FAQs

What is Google Business Profile (GBP), and why is it important for my local business?

GBP is a tool that helps businesses manage their online presence on Google. It's vital for local businesses to ensure visibility in search results and on Google Maps, making it easier for customers to find and engage with them.

How does BrandRep improve my business's ranking on Google Business Profile?

BrandRep uses local SEO best practices, accurate and comprehensive business information, and management of customer reviews to enhance your GBP listing's ranking.

What are the steps involved in setting up my GBP profile with BrandRep?

The process includes a consultation, market research, profile optimization, and ongoing management to improve your business's local search presence.

Can BrandRep help manage and respond to my Google reviews?

Yes, BrandRep will manage and respond to your reviews, helping to build a positive reputation and engage with your customers effectively.

How does BrandRep integrate GBP optimization with my overall marketing strategy?

GMP optimization is integrated with your overall marketing by aligning your online presence with other marketing efforts, like SEO, social media, and paid ads, for cohesive brand messaging.

What kind of reporting can I expect to see for my GBP profile's performance?

You'll receive reports on search rankings, customer engagement, and interaction with your GBP profile, providing insights into the profile's performance.

How will BrandRep ensure that my business information is accurate and up-to-date on Google?

BrandRep will regularly review and update your business information, ensuring it reflects current services, hours, and contact details for accuracy.

What if I have multiple locations for my business? Can BrandRep manage all of them?

BrandRep can manage multiple locations, ensuring each listing is optimized and accurately represents your business for each specific area.

Will BrandRep's GBP services help me attract more local customers?

By improving your GBP listing and local SEO, BrandRep helps increase your visibility to local customers searching for services you offer.

How do I get started with BrandRep's GBP services, and what is the cost?

To get started, schedule a consultation with BrandRep, and they will provide a tailored strategy and quote based on your business needs.

Grow your business with a dedicated marketing team

How BrandRep™ Works For You

1. Get-to-know you!
Start with a Free Consultation: Reach out to us via a contact form or call, and let's explore the potential of your GBP profile.
  • Understanding Your Business: We dive deep into your business specifics to tailor a GBP strategy that aligns with your goals.
  • Showcasing Our Approach: We'll demonstrate how our GBP services can transform your local search presence and customer engagement.
2. GBP Profile Setup and Optimization
  • Seamless Onboarding: Once we partner, we'll guide you through the process of setting up and optimizing your GBP profile.
  • Tailored Local SEO Strategies: Our team will implement local SEO best practices to enhance your profile's visibility in local searches.
  • Profile Goes Live: Your optimized GBP profile will be up and running, ready to capture local market attention.
3. Engagement and Management
  • Active Profile Management: We ensure your GBP profile remains active and engaging, with up-to-date information and responses to customer interactions.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience: From managing reviews to posting updates, we keep your profile dynamic and customer-friendly.
  • Local SEO Refinement: Continuous optimization of your profile to maintain and improve its effectiveness in local searches.
4. Performance Analysis and Growth
  • Insightful Analytics: We track the performance of your GBP profile, analyzing customer interactions and visibility metrics.
  • Strategic Adjustments: Based on data-driven insights, we fine-tune your GBP strategy for sustained growth and improved local presence.
  • Scaling Your Local Impact: We identify opportunities to expand your reach and influence in the local market.
5. Reporting & Communication
  • Transparent Reporting: Stay informed with regular, detailed reports on the performance and impact of your GBP profile.
  • Open Lines of Communication: Our team is always available for any questions or feedback you might have.
  • Your Success, Our Passion: We are dedicated to seeing your business thrive in the local market.

Talk with a friendly Google Business Profile Expert today!

BrandRep Is Your Marketing Team

Your success is our success.

BrandRep’s mission is to help businesses like yours thrive and achieve success online like you never thought possible.

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We integrate with all your goals.

We are passionate about more than Google Ads but Local SEO, Social Media ads, and more. You will fall in love with our process. We focus on you every step of the way.

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Holistic Digital Marketing Services

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Website Design

Our websites are clean, SEO friendly, and are free with many of our packages.

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Keyword Research

Get better online visibility with the terms your customers are actually using in your area

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Review Generation

Generate, manage, and respond to reviews within one client portal.

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Paid Advertising

Be found at the top of Google searches with local ad campaigns managed through Google Ads.

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Social Media

Grow your Facebook and Instagram community with custom posts and better engagement.

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Real-time Reporting

Gain insight into your marketing performance with our client portal that offers real-time reporting.

Our Clients Say It Best

BrandRep's GMB optimization took our family restaurant to new heights. We've seen a surge in monthly views to over 1,500, directly impacting our reservations and walk-ins. It's been a game-changer in our local dining scene, making our restaurant a go-to spot in the community.
maria g
Maria G.
Family Restaurant Owner
BrandRep client since 2018
The impact of BrandRep’s GMB management on our boutique was phenomenal. Our engagement soared by 60%, with a notable increase in product inquiries and foot traffic. It's like our boutique has become a local fashion landmark, all thanks to the enhanced online presence.
oliver h
Oliver H.
Boutique Owner
BrandRep client since 2020
Our local hardware store saw a significant 35% rise in conversions after BrandRep optimized our GMB listing. The increase in local searchers visiting our store has been remarkable, solidifying our place as the go-to hardware supplier in the area. We are so happy our friend referred us to BrandRep.
alicia k
Alicia K.
Hardware Store Manager
BrandRep client since 2019

About BrandRep

BrandRep is a full service digital marketing agency focused exclusively on the SMB market. We offer all-inclusive digital marketing solutions for small and mid-sized business owners, with a one-stop-shop, “do it for you” model.

Our digital marketing products include everything a small business needs to establish their brand online, generate new business, cultivate relationships with existing customers, and gain a competitive advantage.

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