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Turn proactive alerts into new leads with BrandRep’s exclusive BrandAlerts.

You’ll receive notifications via email when your company is mentioned online (i.e. reviews, news, Social Media and video websites). This gives you the opportunity to delight customers with great service and key insights about your business as well as answer any questions they have.

BrandAlerts help you spend less time searching the internet and more time engaging in rewarding conversations with customers.

My management team does not sit at a desk. The ability to be on the go and manage leads and engage with clients while setting up the next gig is a must. With BrandRep's help, we have a very slick process and can communicate with our customers asap.

~ Dawn P.

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Call Forwarding

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When you join our BrandBuilder Plus program, we’ll automatically analyze your conversations to disclose hot leads, lost opportunities and spam callers.

Our Call Tracking program gives you the luxury of real-time call analysis. Gain the ability to automatically analyze your conversations to disclose hot leads, lost opportunities and spam callers, so you don’t waste your time on an uninterested lead. We record your phone calls so that you can freely engage with customers during the call, then analyze and review the calls later. These recordings will help you create effective, targeted ads that produce better leads.

No more lost calls from customers! Thank you BrandRep for helping us get this part of our marketing under control!

~ Loyd D.

Key Features & Product Highlights

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Corporate Google Workspace

Corporate Google Workspace

Plan, Run and Grow Your Business

Imagine: all of your company essentials accessible from all your devices. Our Corporate Google Workspace package is designed to help you plan, run and grow your business from any location. These features work together to develop a cohesive experience that utilizes email, cloud services, mobile technology, security and online content to help you achieve your business goals, whatever they may be.

Google Workspace has been a mystery to me. It sounded cool, but I never knew the capabilities. BrandRep helped me add this to my other marketing resources and now I have elevated how professional my business is presented to potential customers.

~ Dunpeal

Key Features & Product Highlights

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Cloud Storage

With best-in-class performance and reliability, Google’s Cloud Storage gives you easy access to your data wherever and whenever you need it. With consistent API, latency and speed across all of the storage classes, we make it easy to store and organize all of your files. Set custom policies to seamlessly transition data from one storage class to the next and continue to grow your business without having to worry about data management.

Product Highlights:

File Sharing

Online file sharing becomes easy with Google’s premier technology. Manage and share your files within designated groups using one comprehensive and easy to use platform. Controlled access to your secure data give you access to your shared files and their updates in real time. Seamlessly integrate online and engage in productive team exercises while keeping your files protected and secure. File sharing has never been easier and more secure.

Product Highlights:

Gmail Accounts

We’ve teamed up with Google to give our clients complete access to premium products such as branded Gmail accounts. Providing a cohesive experience, your company email accounts will seamlessly blend to your Social Media accounts, Cloud files and more. Accessible on any device or computer, your new personalized company email will enable you to keep up with your business in real-time and provide exceptional service no matter where you are.

Product Highlights:

Video Conferencing

Meet by Google Workspace makes conference calls a dream. Set up a meeting and share a link with teammates, clients or customers in a matter of seconds, it's that easy. Join directly from Calendar events or direct invitation for seamless conferencing across any Google ready device. With innovative tools and smart participant management, our platform enables you to connect directly with customers or partners from the comfort of your home or office.

Product Highlights:

Security/Admin Controller

Drive your company forward with the Google Workspace Admin Console. Access security statistics, add users, manage company devices and more from one comprehensive interface. Advanced security features give you the ability to customize your safety features to provide maximum online protection for you and your business. Integrate proven security measures such as 2-step verification and security keys to thwart data theft and keep you and your clients safe.

Product Highlights:

eDiscovery for Gmail

Electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, is the process of seeking and finding information in electronic format. When you are audited, you can’t waste time looking for important documents. eDiscovery for Gmail automatically creates duplicates of files so that you won’t lose precious data. Using the same innovative software that backs Google Search, eDiscovery for Gmail lets you archive data, sort files and quickly access the data you need at a moment’s notice.

Product Highlights:

What tools & utilities can we interest you in?

Whether you need call management or a way to share files with your team, we can help guide your way to a more efficient marketing management system.

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