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Lead Generation

If you search for something on Google, you might see a column of advertisements running up alongside the results. These are called Google Ads, and they actually present one of the best ways for your business to grow its online footprint.

We can help you here through a strategy called Lead Generation. This is where we create Google Ads (or Leads) specifically tailored to your business's services. When a person clicks on one of your ads, they'll be taken directly to the homepage of the SEO-friendly website we've created for you.

93% of consumers begin on a search engine. Out of which, 73% purchase products online.

Why It's Important

Lead Generation enables information about your website to spread throughout the Internet. Unlike normal SEO, which relies on an organic buildup to reach high search engine rankings, this cuts straight to the chase by putting the Ad right on the first page of results.

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What to Expect:

When determining your Lead Generation budget, anticipate $20-$25 per lead and adjust accordingly. We suggest that you start with $500-$1K, but you can start lower at $300 if you think that would be better for you.

Our Lead Generation team will do a test call before the campaign goes live. This ensures that everything is set up properly.

Much like Local SEO, Lead Generation is an ongoing process. There will be other companies also trying to get their ads on the front page, demanding regular maintenance from your online marketing team.

Benefits of Lead Generation

  • Live within 10 days
  • You can adjust the budget at any time
  • No risk, as you'll start receiving calls within 1 day of the test call
  • Creates a more measurable ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Increased metrics and non-organic listings
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