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Service Level Pledge

We offer a 90 day guarantee based on the following service level commitment

First Page Search Engine Result Placement (SERP) within 90 Days

Directory Listing Creation and Submission up to 70 directories in 24 to 48 hours

Standard Website Delivery within 5-7 business days

Premium Website Delivery within 10 business day

Ultra Premium Website Delivery within 15 business days

GoogleAds Live within 2 business days from website delivery date

New Google Listing Creation and Optimization within 30 days

Existing Google Listing Optimization within 2-3 business day

Logo Design Submitted to Client for Approval within 2-3 business days with up to two revisions (24-48 hours for each turnaround)

Receive a Return Call from Client Services within 24- 48 hour

Service Request Processed within 2 days business days

Performance Reporting available same day

BrandAdvisor Introduction within 3 business days (if applicable)

Your success is our success.

Our team is dedicated to ensure the highest level of product delivery and support!

**Note: Timelines may be affected by custom requests and turnaround time from clients