brandrep satisfaction guaranteed seal

Service Level Pledge

We offer a 90 day guarantee based on the following service level commitment

First Page Search Engine Result Placement (SERP) within 90 Days
Directory Listing Creation and Submission up to 72 directories in 48 hours (on average 40 - 50 will apply, may take up to a week to sync with portal)
Standard Website Delivery within 5-7 business days
Premium Website Delivery within 10 business days
Ultra Premium Website Delivery within 15 business days
GoogleAds Live within 2 business days from website delivery date
New Google Listing Creation and Optimization estimated within 30 days, may vary depending on Google requirements
Existing Google Listing Optimization within 2-3 business days
Logo Creation within 15 business days, up to two revisions
Receive a Return Call from Client Services within 24- 48 hours
Service Request Processed within 2 days business days
Performance Reporting available same day
BrandAdvisor Introduction within 3 business days (if applicable)
Social Account Setup within 10 business days*
Social Account Publishing up to 2 posts per week, per platform

Your success is our success.

Our team is dedicated to ensure the highest level of product delivery and support!

Note: Timelines may be affected by custom requests and turnaround time from clients

*Assuming client grants appropriate admin access within allocated time, and there are no platform limitations.