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February 2020: Marketing Ideas For Small Business

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Who doesn’t like finding a good deal on their favorite products or service?

Every month there are new opportunities for your business to interact with your clients and customers. In this case, we look at the events in which companies can take advantage of national holidays.

It seems like every day there’s a holiday for random items. At times, these holidays can become fun facts between friends and family members. How many times have you heard the phrase, “Did you know it’s national hot dog day?” or “Wow, it’s teacher’s appreciation day.”

Fun facts aside, people enjoy knowing about deals dedicated to an occupation, service, or title. Below are a couple of national holidays that your business can take advantage of in its marketing efforts.

Either it is celebrating by decorating your store or special offers for the people whose occupation lands on a national holiday. You can rest assured people will enjoy a nice sale every once in a while.

American Heart Month | February

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that “1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease.” This statistic sounds alarming, but if you’re a business in the health industry, you can do your part to help.

If your business specializes in selling foods, or supplements, provide deals on healthier products. Let your customers know that these promotions are directly influenced by American Heart Month.

These promotions provide a direct way to build more rapport with your customers. If customers understand that you are promoting healthier items to protect their health, they will feel appreciated. Don’t be afraid even to add a personal message to inform them of the dangers of heart disease.

You can also utilize social media to post the different ways your business is pitching in to make a difference. Become the business that consumers want to continue returning to due to your ethical decisions.

Love Your Pet Day | February 20th

Whatever you do, you need to spoil and give lots of love to your pets on February 20th. Love your pet day is a chance to showcase your business. If you offer any animal food, treats, or toys, you can use this to your advantage.

Promote deals a couple of days ahead of time, or use social media and online email marketing to contact your customers about your sales. Offer discounts to any pet owner who posts a picture of themselves and their pets and tags your company’s social media page.

On your social media, you can have fun by promoting your pets or the pets of your workers. Let your customers know that your business is more than just a product or service. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your company culture and put a spotlight on your business’s personality.

Mardi Gras | February 25th

Can’t visit the parade in New Orleans this February 25th? No worries, you can bring the celebration to your business!

Mardi Gras gives your business a great reason to celebrate in style with sales and events. You can take advantage of the Mardi Gras theme and implement your deals around it.

For example:

  • Offer discounts or entrance to a drawing opportunity to customers who enter wearing a masquerade mask or beads.
  • Set up a Mardi Gras-inspired photo booth, and have customers upload their pictures to your companies social media for a chance to win a prize.
  • Decorate your store in Mardi Gras fashion! Choose beads or masquerade masks that represent your companies logo colors, and hang them up around your business.
  • Don’t forget to add Mardi Gras music to sell the theme.

National Nutrition Month | March

“Eat Right Bite by Bite” is the new campaign being pushed for National Nutrition Month this March. The month focuses on the importance of making smarter nutritional choices and creating healthy physical activities as a habit.

Companies can both use this month to focus on their customers and their employees. Instead of sitting around in meetings, you can create short walking meetings to get updated while walking around your building.

Create fun physical events with your employees, or publicize a day at the park with your customers, family, and friends.

You can also take this opportunity to interact with your customers in new ways. Create a poster-making contest for kids, and hang up the winners around your business. You can also host education centers in the healthier sections of your store.

Women In History Month | March

It is important to remember the significant impact American women have had in shaping American history; let’s take the time to acknowledge those efforts.

Many popular businesses have been expressing these efforts by doing social media posts of the women that have inspired them. This way, you can communicate with your community your company’s morals and influence.

Some businesses have posted pictures and a short summary bio of different women in history around their office or building. Some have encouraged more research of their importance by focusing on one inspirational woman per week.

Daylights Savings Time| March 8th

Daylight Saving Time (DST) lands on Sunday, March 8th this year. Though this change comes during the weekend, your company has an excellent opportunity to make a deal.

DST in March means your customers lose an hour of sleep. Inspire them to enter your business to gain savings instead. For example,

  • If you provide health products, educate your customers on easing themselves into adjusting for the last hour.
  • There’s more daylight in the day. You can provide an outdoor event, consultation, or have products placed outside.
  • An extra hour of daylight gives your business an extra hour for shoppers to visit your store and stay out longer.

Don’t sleep on these opportunities. Use this extra hour to bring in new clientele and incentivize returning customers to visit your store or services.

Social Media and Holidays

In conclusion, there are many ways that your business can celebrate national holidays and celebrations. Keeping up with social media can sometimes become overwhelming. There are so many opportunities to keep up with daily posts that staying on top of it can be considered a full-time job.

Consider using a marketing company such as BrandRep to take over your social media and plan out the proper posts to market to your local community.

By finding the proper plan for your business, you won’t have to worry about posting consistently every week. Take advantage of the extra time to focus on growing your business and making local connections.

If you would like to read more about using social media as a tool for your business, read our article “6 Essential Social Media Tips for Small Businesses“. These tips will help you combine the marketing opportunities that small businesses have for national holidays and the month-long celebrations!

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