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Fundamentals of Local SEO

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Welcome to the peak of summer 2021! The heatwaves haven’t stopped consumers from emerging in droves to take advantage of a reopened economy – travel is nearing pre-pandemic levels, and businesses everywhere are experiencing a surge in demand for services.

This increased demand has introduced a new problem unseen in a generation: a limited supply of consumer goods. Raw materials such as lumber and microchips to food products such as chicken and coffee beans have been affected by shortages, impacting both businesses and everyday customers.

But if there’s one thing that hasn’t been affected by shortages, it’s in the area of local business searches online. The lockdowns brought the importance of SEO to the forefront of every business owner in America, as more and more people engage with companies online more than ever. Local searches for products and services are projected to rise more than 900% over the next couple of years!

This dramatic increase inspired us to develop a guide outlining the steps we take for all clients when building their local SEO foundation. We’re proud to announce in this month’s BrandNews the release of this guide in the form of our new eBook: “Fundamentals of Local SEO – Setting up Your Business for Digital Success”.

It outlines the four vital areas a business should invest in online for a digital presence on search engines and map listings:

  1. Google My Business
  2. Online Directory Listings
  3. On-site SEO
  4. Inbound Advertising

We cover why these are essential, how they work together, and provide expert tips on getting the most from your work. Best of all, this guide is free – click here to download!

Let us know if you find it helpful! Be sure to follow us on our social channels to keep up-to-date with all our doings at BrandRep. Our updated blog also contains all the information you’ll ever need to keep up with local SEO.

Here’s to a fantastic summer of service and visibility!

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