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Google on Google    May 8, 2018
***** Title by Sean MacNabb

This place has taken great care of me since moving to Nevada. I have suffered from chronic pain from congenital kidney disease, as well as injuries sustained in 2 motorcycle accidents. I have up prescription opioids in 2011, and have worked hard to stay off them. When I moved here from Colorado, it was difficult to find a place that treated me like a patient, rather than an ATM machine. Michael and his staff are friendly and easy to deal with, and treat me with respect and care. That's all anyone can ask for.

Google on Google    Apr 9, 2018
***** Title by John Harris

I apologize in advance for the long post I don’t normally remember to write reviews but when it has the potential to give you your life back or possibly even save it I felt I owed it to others that are desperately looking for a solution.
I had been taking some type of pain medication for more than 20 years and when you read about how difficult it is to stop you actually find out its worse, and that’s when the real nightmare starts, not only do to need to find a place that understands what you are experiencing but won’t treat you like a drug addict. I had been to several so-called specialists in the valley so I know exactly what they can make you feel like and you start to feel like there is no hope.
All you read about, hear on the radio and see on TV is how bad the opioid epidemic is in this country but it’s amazing how difficult it is to find compassionate help. I was running out of ideas and found myself Googling different name and word combinations and going down the list calling those that showed up and like all of you know or will know very soon you can tell almost instantly what type of place you will be dealing with as soon as you start explaining what your situation is.
When I came across Detoxification Solutions and looked at the website the first thing I thought was, its to good to be true. I called and it went to voicemail and thought like so many others I had left messages for I would not hear back but shortly after leaving the message I received a call back from Janell who has been tasked with trying to get the word out about how they can help. Janell spent as much time as I needed to answer all of my question and give me the history of Detoxification Solutions and the rest of the team.
When I showed up for my appointment I was amazed how well I was treated, the office is clean and Tonia the admin that checks you in is the most professional, respectful and understanding person I could have hoped for. I was then taken back to meet with Dr. Chad Hall who not only knew what he was talking about made me feel like a real person and you can tell he cares. Dr. Hall told me he had a family member that struggled with addiction, I hope I’m not out of line by saying that but I think it explains why Dr. Hall is so well-informed and compassionate, he too gave me all the time I needed and explained everything in detail going above and beyond to make sure I had all of my questions answered.
Dr. Michael Vincent the person that developed the treatment was out of the state until my second visit but he did call into Dr. Halls office while I was there to introduce himself and ask if I had any question as well. You don’t see that very often. Dr. Vincent made sure to see me during my second appointment and like everyone else gave me all the time I needed to answer not only my question but questions my wife had as well.
Again, I apologize for the long-winded post but I wanted to cover as much as possible because I know how difficult it can be. Its only been a month for me so I can’t say for certain I am free and clear but I can say I have never felt better and with the help of Detoxification Solution and talk therapy its truly the first time I have felt it could be done.
J. H.