Indulgence Aesthetics Wellness & Med Spa
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Google on Google    Apr 3, 2018
***** Title by Jade Rubio

I get my eyebrows threaded every 4 weeks and since this place is fairly new, every time I go in, I ask for different staff members to find the perfect one and I am not lying when I say that they are all perfect! Each staff member takes into account what I want as well as the how it would frame my face and what would look good; they treat it as an art form. The staff members are so sweet, they take such great care of their clients! It's a full spa so I'm eager to try out their facials, massages, and maybe even spray tanning!! This is my new go-to for anything that is spa-related!

Google on Google    Apr 1, 2018
***** Title by Thalia Torres

I’ve been to this spa on two separate occasions, and I absolutely loved the service here. They are friendly, informative, and they KNOW their stuff! The reason for my first visit was because I have sensitive acne prone skin, and I was seeking effective facial services to treat that. The owner’s name is Anu and she did a thorough analysis of my skin and my problem areas and she conducted a couple clinical treatments and recommended a couple at-home serums to treat those areas. After my first visit my skin COMPLETELY cleared up! It’s always a blessing to have someone that actually knows you, your face, and your needs. Thanks Indulgence!!!